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Every month about 13 million consumers come to looking for trustworthy businesses. Your BBB helps consumers find businesses that work with integrity. BBB also shows buyers how to recognize and avoid unfair business practices

Consumers value BBB Accreditation: 62% of surveyed U.S. consumers, who have seen BBB's accreditation seal, said they are more likely to purchase if a BBB Accredited Business displays the BBB Seal (Nielsen, 2016).

When your business becomes BBB Accredited, you'll join an elite network of companies committed to using trustworthy practices, which helps your business to "be more."

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The Value of BBB Accreditation

What 3,500 BBB Accredited Businesses say about how BBB Accreditation is valuable to them (CBBB, 2016).

Only BBB Accredited Businesses enjoy these and other benefits:

  • Show customers your integrity with the BBB Accredited Seal
  • Be eligible to get quote requests directly from consumers
  • Network at exclusive BBB Accredited Business events
  • Be highly visible online as a trustworthy BBB Accredited Business

With Accreditation, You Also Receive Valuable Information About Your Business

All Accredited Businesses are provided with a monthly
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about your business and industry.

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